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What is 4-H

The joy of 4-H is seeing young people grow through their accomplishments.

4-H. . . Developing all youth to reach their fullest potential through:
Horse Shoe - Bullet developing life skills.
Horse Shoe - Bullet learning by doing
Horse Shoe - Bullet utilizing the knowledge of the land-grant university system

4-H enables youth to have fun, meet new people, learn new life skills, build self-confidence, learn responsibility, and set and achieve goals! Youth learn by doing and receive an award for a project.
4-H builds the leaders of tomorrow.
Horse Shoe - Bullet Members can range from age 5 to age 21, depending on which state the member is from.
Horse Shoe - Bullet 4-H starts on a club level, then moves onto a county, district, state, national and international level.
Horse Shoe - Bullet 4-H offers such a wide range of projects, programs and activities that every member can do well in 4-H.
Horse Shoe - Bullet Each exhibit receives a ribbon award- purple, blue, red, white, or participation, according to the judging.
Horse Shoe - Bullet Premiums are usually given and some projects advance onto state level!
Horse Shoe - Bullet Parents, volunteers, community leaders, and Extension staff share their time and talents with 4-H youth.
Horse Shoe - Bullet Get involved in a community service project through 4-H!
4-H Activities include. . .
Horse Shoe - Bullet Fairs and Shows
Horse Shoe - Bullet Camps
Horse Shoe - Bullet State 4-H Youth Gatherings
Horse Shoe - Bullet National 4-H Congress
Horse Shoe - Bullet National 4-H Conference
Horse Shoe - Bullet International 4-H Youth Exchange
Horse Shoe - Bullet Collegiate 4-H