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About Us


Keep track of your favorite counselors as they continue on to pursue other paths!  This group of dedicated young adults have been a huge part of shaping the Tashunka programs, and have been incredible assistants and very special friends!  Their involvement has been greatly appreciated and they will be truly missed!



 Meet some of the smaller members of the Tashunka family.  Each of whom have a very specifically role on the farm.



As of February 28, 2008, Tashunka relocated to our new facility in Redmond.  The property features 20 stalls, covered arena, outdoor arena, fenced pastures, great views, and a park like setting.  Also, check here for directions!



Our horses all have a wide variety of backgrounds that give them different strengths.  They have continued to prove themselves in shows, trails, and lessons.  Horses are some of the best teachers and friends you can find.



In addition to our four legged teachers, we have some great horsemanship instructors on site that each come with a variety of experiences.