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    Custom horse training is available and can cover anything from foal to finishing!  Whether you want to imprint or impress we can help your horse reach its potential.  Horses in training are potentially exposed to a multitude of things like horse shows, farm equipment, kids, other horses, gaming events, camping, beach rides, mountain trails, sand dunes, etc.  Our training focuses on working the horse at an appropriate pace for its best progress, and takes a consistent approach looking at what is best for the horse's health and comfort.  The custom Training rate does not include lessons, board, farrier, grain, vet, etc. References are available upon request!


Current Dates

    Please email regarding availability or space.


Current Rates

Horse Shoe - Bullet $700 per month (not including board)

Important Paperwork

Training Agreement
Boarding Agreement (PDF - 7 Pages)
Stable Rules (PDF - 1 Page)
Tashunka Brochure (PDF - 2 pages)
Liability Agreement and Assumption of Risk (PDF - 2 pages)
Rate Sheet (PDF - 1 Page)