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Tashunka's American Mustang Experience

TAME is a year round Mustang education program centered on increasing awareness of and promoting one of the most cherished and majestic pieces of American history, the Mustang. The program is focused on educating youth and adults about the unique qualities of the Mustang breed, as well as allowing people to come out and meet our current Mustang projects. For interested school groups we are also available for classroom presentations and assemblies.

Currently we are trying to raise a combined $13,254 to help with the costs involved with participating in the Mustang Million (MM). This year’s MM is being held in Fort Worth, Texas, from September 16th - 21st. The main part of the competition includes a Trail, Pattern, and Compulsory Class. The top 10-20 exhibitors then move onto the Championship round to find the final placings. Each participant had to go through an extensive screening process to be accepted into the program, which includes a very detailed application, background check, and facility approval. R-A Mazzola was notified of acceptance by the Bureau of Land Management and the Mustang Heritage Foundation in mid March.

On April 26th R-A went down to Burns, Oregon to attend the Mustang Million adoption preview. Out of 160 horses available he was able to narrow down the list of potential horses to the top 4, and at the auction on April 27th we got our first choice.

If you would like to schedule an opportunity to meet one of th iconic critters, and learn more about the Mustang please email us at ramazzola@aol.com.  In the mean time, follow us on Facebook for the most current news, photos, and videos!

Also, thank you to our generous sponsors for their support on this adventure!  Currently we have Rainland Farm Equine Clinic and Purina on board for 2013.  If you are interested in helping out as well, please check out our Sponsorship Packet!

Important Paperwork

Stable Rules (PDF - 1 Page)
Tashunka Brochure (PDF - 2 pages)
Liability Agreement and Assumption of Risk (PDF - 2 pages)