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 Thank you for following up and looking into getting more information.  It seems like there is never enough time at the clinics to cover all of the relevant information and answer all the great questions that come up.  Hopefully, the information included here will help out with some unanswered questions.  Please feel free to email me if you have further questions!


Grocery List

There are a few suggestions on staples that the group should have with them.  These items can be brought from home or purchased on the way.


Group Packing List

 This is a more general list of items that will be needed for the entire group.  These items should not be brought by each individual person, but instead have it be the responsibility of the group.  Divide and conquer! Have participants be responsible for bringing something!


Health History and Medical Form

You can find numerous styles of forms that will allow the participant to answer pointed questions about the health history and any current medical concerns.  Here are example of some forms that are used by the American Camping Association and Washington State 4-H.  The American Camping Association sells the form, Health History and Examination Form for Children, Youth and Adults Attending Camps, and Whatcom County 4-H uses the form Child History and Medical Form.  Please get permission from the publisher before using their forms.


Horse Packing List

This list is aimed at the items that may be needed for your four legged friend!


Individual Packing List

Here is a generic Packing List that participants should review when they are gathering their gear for the trip.


Meal Planner

Yet another list focused on eating!  This may be a helpful tool when deciding what meals will be cooked, and what items are need to make it happen.  A separate page can be printed out if more than two days.


Member Questionnaire

An important tool to help in the initial stages of trip planning.



These are the complete notes that I have compiled to date on the Camping with Kids and Horses clinic.  Each clinic I teach I learn something new, and in turn revise my notes.  Hope they help!


Risk Management Plan

Another crucial tool in trip planning, and an important step to help think out how to avoid and handle emergencies.


Site Questionnaire

This is another helpful tool for the trip planning process, and focuses on what questions to ask when researching potential camping facilities.