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Trip Planning

Trip Planning is the most important part of any adventure. Making sure that you have a well thought out plan that is clearly communicated to the group can eliminate a lot of problems. All group members should be aware of the trip plans and goals. The planning process can be very involved and it is a great experience for kids to be involved.  This page will focus on the materials needed to plan a trip, and include various resources that participants can look up to get more information on their trips.  This page will be updated frequently so please check back as we discover new sources.



Here is a contact list of Forest Service Districts, Department of Natural Resources Offices, and other agencies that offer designated horse camping opportunities.



 This page is currently being developed.  In the near future a list of horse friendly camp sites and trails will be listed.  These locations will be areas that we have actually visited and can report on first hand!  Please check back soon!



We have also compiled a list of some very helpful books that can be crucial in planning a successful trip.  This is by no means a complete list, and is always being updated and modified as we find new resources.  If there is a book in your library that is unlisted, please feel free to drop an email and let us know the title, author, and publisher.