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About Our Lessons

We offer private or semi-private instruction, on a schooling or personal horse, at your place or ours. All participants advance at their own pace through an in-depth structured program that teaches the Fundamentals of working with horses, offers vital Supplementary topics, and allows individuals to qualify for Horse Leasing, Camps, Clinics, Shows, and other special events at certain Stages of the program.

Any age and experience level is welcome, and all riders learn the Fundamentals of horsemanship while being exposed to different disciplines like Showmanship, Western, English, Dressage, Gaming, Trail, Recreational Trail Riding, etc. In addition to handling and riding skills, participants are offered Supplementary topics like History of the Horse, Horse Identification, Nutrition, Traditional and Alternative Health Care, Polishing for Show, Breeding, Farm Management, Training, and many more. If participants are only interested in learning the Fundamentals, they will work in an arena setting and will continue to advance after completing each Stage.

The Stages are:

  • Introduction to Tashunka
  • Hors'Ese
  • Horse Handling
  • Horse Care
  • Walk In-Hand
  • Trot In-Hand
  • Tack and Equipment
  • Walk Rider
  • Trot Rider
  • Novice
  • Regular
  • Advanced

Benefits of Lessons

Qualified students can start applying their experiences in a Recreation or Competition environment, and can move on to more advanced levels relative to their current Stage. Throughout the program, students are encouraged to learn all about their horse whether on the ground or in the saddle. Instruction is tailored to the individuals needs and goals, while students progress at their own pace and are encouraged to try new things. On a personal level, participants are taught about the importance of Leadership, Honesty, Awareness, Communication, Confidence, Accountability, Compassion, Responsibility, Independence, Patience, Commitment, Motivation, and Community with their horse and in their own lives. Ultimately, all participants are exposed to a variety of approaches and theories in working with horses, and encouraged to develop a personal philosophy over time that is appropriate for the individual.

What you will Learn

Lessons are generally 60 minutes, more or less, depending on the needs of the rider and/or horse, and offered year-round at our facility in Redmond, Washington.


If a lesson must be cancelled, a customary 24 hour notice is required or the lesson fee still applies. When very special circumstances come up, like a family emergency, sick participant, or unsafe driving conditions than the lesson fee may be credited. Lesson topics will be determined by the instructor relative to the needs of the horse and/or rider. Students will always focus on horse related topics, but may not always be working directly with horses. Some of the most important concepts relative to horses are not learned in the saddle, but learned through reflection, honesty, awareness, and being open minded. If a participant misses or cancels two or more lessons in a month, their regularly scheduled lesson time may be given away.